The Basement Express is a gazette edited by John Kowalsky (currently the leader of the NSAP). It's goal is to condense the information of the /tg/ parliament general into 1 A4 page. Though it was many times insinuated it leans towards supporting Kowalsky's own party such allegations have yet to be proven.

It is for now the only known paper to report on the happenings of /tg/ and it's parlaiment. In a schyzophrenic self-interview Kowlasky commented on his amazement that no concurrent paper has yet sprung up. As he is currently writing this article that means he has at leat 3 different personalities, so beware children!

The Basement dweller recieved much acclaim from /tg/ with the second edition, which figured an interview of GarfGarf, The HBU's party leader. The 3rd Edition was put in print during a period of general slowness, but let's hope the 4th edition will garner more support.

Basemnt Express First Edition

First edition of the BE

Basement Express 2nd Edition

Second edition of the BE

Basement Express 3rd Edition

3rd Edition of the Basement

Basement Express 4th Edition

4th Edition of the BE

Basement Express 5th Edition

5th Edition of the Basement.

Basement Express 6th Edition

6th Edition of the Express

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